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Hyosung Error Codes


SPR paper setting error before printing. 1.Check the status of setting paper2.Check the status of sensor and its connctor 2010600 Command is received while doing self-test (Receipt Printer). Remove note from the CDU delivery path. 2. Exchange a sensor after abnormal operating the CS13 sensor.? If error is persistent the dispenser may require service. Source

Initialize Pin SP. 2. Check jam in 1 cassette and reload4. Otherwise the dispenser may require service. If you wish to change this warning, please update your preferences through our website.

Hyosung Error Code 97999

D001000 DAILY LIMIT EXCEEDED Transaction was denied by host. Check notes index value 4004400Error if continuous 5 times are rejected 4004500In case the number of notes detected outlet sensor(CS13) is more than required notes1. Replace the CDU B/D 4005500 Timeout due to note's length error passed through the CS13 during dispense operation 1. Reset number of check sheets after troubleshooting. 4009000 Mismatched number of check sheets (Cash Dispenser) 1.

Before reinitializing the ATM, first the verify amount of dispensed notes in the cassette against the journal. Check the shutter motor connection cable.3. D0052 No checking account Code reported by host processor. Hyosung 2700 Error Codes Do RESET at Operator Function 2.

Remove dust in CS15AB, CS31AB, CS41AB CS1AB Sensor 4. Verify phone connection. Remove notes in the reject box and remount the reject box 3. http://atmequipment.com/s.nl/it.I/id.16/.f Check the serial port or cable 9723017Send command time out error 9723019Polling down1.

Reconfigure cash dispenser setup data 4005800Retract box position error during comman reserved operation1. Hyosung Tech Support Realign notes in the cassette 3. Call your attendant 977010Serial port open failCheck Cable / Device 1030100DEV_PIN (Key data error from host)1. Check notes in 1 Cassette2.

Hyosung Error Code 97999(04)

There may be a note stuck in the cash tray ramp. this website Initialize Pin SP. 2. Hyosung Error Code 97999 Change Main Motor Encoder Slit Sensor CS8 4003100Failed in checking the reject gate solenoid echo 4003200Failed in checking the present gate solenoid echo 4003300Check sum error (No information is set)1. Hyosung 1800 Error Codes Check that the denomination in Transaction setup matches the actual denomination loaded.

Reboot ATM 2. this contact form Reinstall software. 3. ICRW detects time out. 3006400In case T=1 cards, after ATR receiving, IFS exchange is failed. Check and reseat all belts. Epp Error Atm

Contact your ISO or processor if you encounter an excessive amount of these errors, or you cannot complete a test transaction because of this error. Check a checkÕs status in the reject box2. Check Cash Dispenser EP ROM Version or specification 4003A00When more than 5 sheets of cash dispensing is required during a test_ Check command that CDU is received _ Check CDU EP have a peek here D009C00 ETX error Check the transaction from the host.

Check if supplied paper is running out of or occurred jam in return path. 1914100 Paper jam error (Journal Printer). Hyosung Error Code 9799904 If error occurs when checking CS 14 disconnection and operation, replace a sensor. 400C700Something is detected on CS2 sensor after dispense operation 400C700Something is detected on CS12 sensor during dispensing bills Clean the pick up roller in the check cassette box.?

Close TPH lever, and initialze SPR again. 2111400 R-gate solenoid, SSOL3, echo check error when it is pulled in upon initializing SPR. 1.

Remove jammed notes on Cash Dispenser return path. 2. Check bill jam or no note in cassette #2. 2. Reboot ATM. 2. Hyosung Error Code 97418 Read data of ÔRead Double Sensor Command 4003800Error in checking SRAM 4003900Gate operation sensor (CS3) error before initial recovery1.

Remove dust in CS15AB, CS31AB,CS1AB Sensor5. D009E00 FS out (after retrieval reference number) Check the transaction from the host. C0033 CDU Encoder error Usually caused by loss of battery power to the CDU mainboard. Check This Out Reconnect CS2 and CS13 sensors4.

Set 1 Cassette2. Replace the CDU Board. 400ABDisable to drive due to the remaining notes in the tray during initializing or dispense reserved operation.(CS10A and CS10B Dark detection)1. Upgrade the Cash Dispenser firmware or download software again. 3. Exchange Sensor after abnormal operating CS15A Sensor 4003B00When CS15A or CS 15B sensor is detected as dark after initial recovery_ Remove notes or dust in existence CS15A Sensor _ Check CS15A

D00A100 FS out (after available balance) Check the transaction from the host. D320200 Fail to dial out Check telephone line connection. Outside interference may cause it (neon signs, lights). A080400 Paper setting error detected before executing command Remove and re-install the receipt paper.

Check if each sensor is mounted. 2. Check if papre roll is set properly.3. Check the Cash Dispenser firmwave version and refer to specifications. 40052The remaining notes at the sensor in front of the CST after dispense operation (CS1A, CS1B)1. Also check that black and white, 2 wire connector is properly connected at rear of main board.

Initialize Pin SP. 2. Check Cash Dispenser Firmware Version 40051Received a request for over 150 notes dispensing on the Cash Dispenser from the upper unit.1. Remove the jammed paper and initialize.

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