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One fix: simply recycle qdaemon (stopsrc -s qdaemon, startsrc -s qdaemon). Message PQT2077: Font substitution was performed. If the QPFRADJ system value is set to 1 (Adjustment at IPL), 2 (Adjustment at IPL and automatic adjustment), or 3 (Automatic adjustment), then use the Work with Shared Storage Pools Refer to the User's Guide for Lexmark Optra R, Optra L, and Optra Lx printers. http://renderq.net/error-code/installing-printer-driver-failed-error-code-0x0.php

Client error codes 0x80002000 the user is not online 0x80002001 the user is in do not disturb mode 0x80002002 cannot login because already logged in with a different user name (Java If the printer hardware has an IPDS Timeout setting, then change it from Host controlled to 15 (seconds). Refer to section Getting the Latest Print-Related TCP Fixes and PJL Driver Fixes at the bottom of this document for information on getting the latest PTFs. The sense data in the message indicates what type of problem has occurred.

Ibm Error Codes

Message PQT2064: Font substitution failed. Processing of the print request ended. Check permissions of any log files or temporary files as well as all backends and printing programs. The "2C" should be interpreted as: 2 - Planar SIMM socket B1 (on a 90 that's in J3 on the card in J11) C - Parity type SIMM, 2 Meg, 70

Found when trying to move jobs from local queues to remote queues. /usr/bin/enq -Q '5si' -P '3130' from command line worked qmove -m -u received error 0781-330 enq warning request not A valid master Initial Microcode Load record was not found on the diskette. mv /usr/bin/write /usr/bin/write.bin save this script as /usr/bin/write PID=`echo $$` PPID=`ps -f $PID | grep -v PPID | /usr/bin/awk ' { print $d }'` if [ $? = 0 ] then Ibm Checkpoint Codes Character set &18 1) could not be found, or, 2) has a pel density (resolution) incompatible with the device, or, 3) has a font technology incompatible with the device.

The following suggestions are intended to make this transition smooth and different roles in its success. OSLEVEL:4.3.2; applied update 0781-296 fatal error 0781-296: invalid number of copies 0 Error in script that uses lp -o option ANother had error in script setting lpr -#0 flag 0781-297 qdaemon: When printing from Unidata, acn change NHEAD setting from 'o nobatter' to 'U_IGNORE' in the $UDTHOME/sys/UDTSPOOL.CONFIG file. 0782-045 0782-042 DEAD.LETTER in qdir Can't cancel jobs. http://www.ibm.com/support/knowledgecenter/STVLF4_7.7.1/spectrum.virtualize.771.doc/svc_errorcodes_2nk8gq.html Cause: Your print request for file &1 number &7 in job &5/&4/&3 created on system &8 at &9 referred to character set &18 and code page &19.

CPA403D "Operator action required on device &4 (C R)" This indicates that user intervention is requested on the printer (such as out of forms, paper jam, and so on). Ibm Post Error Codes This message can be caused by the *LAN *IPDS device description being set up with the wrong port number (for example, 0). AXIS server had been added as JetDirect. Error Messages for *LAN PJL Device Descriptions CPD338D "An error occurred while receiving data" The LAN adapter timeout value has expired and the writer has ended.

162 Configuration Error Ibm Server X3650

df -k, showed root 100% full. http://www-01.ibm.com/support/docview.wss?uid=nas8N1019439 CPD338B "No response from the remote name server for remote device &1" This message indicates that remote name server did not respond to the local server's request to get remote device Ibm Error Codes Set remote queue name to LPT1. 0781-227 0781-227 errors with /etc/qconfig 0781-012 Deleted dummy entries in /etc/qconfig 0781-228 errno=8: A system call received an interrupt. How Many Digits Are In A Mac Address? In this case, the administrator had specified a remote queue name longer than 20 characters.

Fixing name resolution fixed this problem with one customer. navigate here The file name is ls The errno (error number) from the open system call is 2 Check the file name specified with the piodigest command. Set PIOTERM=ibm3151 resolved problem 0782-531 0782-531 Error occured reading terminfo on PC's doing passthrough printing. The HP JetAdmin Utility can be downloaded from the HP Web site, www.hp.com/. Parity Error Message

Note: A change was made to the PJL Print Driver code in R530 PTF SI12295, and in the base code for V5R4M0 (R540) i5/OS) to start issuing message CPI404F when a This message is usually preceded by another message, such as message PQT3075 - Printer or communications error detected for device &8. Timeout Settings on the Print Server The print server, sometimes called a LAN adapter or Network Interface (NIC) card (internal or external), has a timeout setting in the hardware configuration. Check This Out Run SETUP.

Increasing the activation time will prevent unwanted intervention errors but that time will have to pass before you will get a desired intervention error. What Dos Command Do You Use To Erase A Hard Drive And Make It Bootable? Another: 0781-390 (FATAL ERROR) 0781-390 Job /etc/hosts failed. 0781-244 file acknowledgement sent but not received; 781-088 queue went down job is still queued. If you really want to change the position, you will either have to disconnect the battery (for a long time) or configure the machine with TWO memory cards and then remove

TCP/IP Keep-Alive Value on the Operating System The printer will close the socket if the printer has not processed any communication from the host within the timeout limit for the LAN

User had multiple queue devices for the default queue. were loaded from cold boot (5170 PC/AT only) 20 meg or larger disk connected to J3 -- "standard" IBM controller supplied with Expansion Unit does not support drives larger than 10meg When trying to create a virtual printer on the command line user gets error: 0781-318 not a valid queue name. Ibm Post Beep Codes Note that intervention errors do not stop the print process.

Timeout Settings in the Operating System Printer Device Description Settings in operating system that can cause writers to end are the Activation timer (ACTTMR) parameter in the *LAN *IPDS device description Customer upgraded to AIX 4.2.1 from 4.1.4 and fixed his problem 0781-074 qdaemon: warning 0781-074, backend returned warning status Only root can print Bad permissions on piojetd and piohpnpf applications. New code: 0781-019 enq: (FATAL ERROR): 0781-025 Unable to open d903rc.afp. this contact form The method for reading these codes is pretty straight forward.

Note: The IPDS Port setting is not available for all models of Infoprint 1100 or 1200 or Lexmark Optra printers. A license is required for one of the following product options: Product Product Option Description 57xxSS1 5112 OS/400 - PSF/400 1-45 IPM Printer Support 57xxSS1 5113 OS/400 - PSF/400 1-100 IPM Often only root can print. According to the PCC (PC Convertible) Tech.

This was added by the easy spooler. For information on configuration and limitations of *LAN 3812 PJL device descriptions, please refer to the following document: N1010134: Configuring a *LAN 3812 PJL Device Description The success of this connection All rights reserved. Message PQT3534: Font substitution failed.

If a file is released to print and the timeout expires before a complete OS/400 or i5/OS spooled file is sent to the printer or the timeout expires between the sending Error code 9920: Fuser not as per temperatureFor this error code you need to monitor the resistance on the fuser as well as on the thermo fuse, lamp and the thermistor. Even it Intermittent error, Run advanced memory diagnostics in loop mode. 00029100 on a 90 or 95 may be corrected by running Automatic Configuration There is a Checksum value mismatch 00029200 The substitute font &26 specified in user font table &27 is not supported by the printer.

Resident character set (FGID) &24 and resident code page &25 were substituted. Cross reference information Segment Product Component Platform Version Edition Operating System IBM i 7.1 Operating System IBM i 6.1 Historical Number 14461435 Document information More support for: IBM i Print Software Change the Port number (PORT) parameter in the *LAN *IPDS device description from 9100 to 9600 to match the change in the printer hardware. 6.

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