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The 1M SIMM from the model 70 planar is not supported because it is too slow 251 Location of memory modules or amount of memory installed on 80386 Memory Expansion Option When I put a scope on the clock pin of the keyboard socket I could not get a clock pulse. Initially they were reporting problems, but I found an old copy of Norton Disk Doctor and set it going. Code Description 01x Undetermined problem errors. 02x Power supply errors. 1xx System board errors. 101 System board error - Interrupt failure. 102 System board error - Timer failure. 103 System board

Thanks for the reply Chuck(G) I haven't replaced the 74ls322 but I certainly will, I should have posted here first before destroying the PIA! Table 1 is a listing of many of the error codes that may be generated during diagnostics testing. PS/2 - Diskette drive or controller error PCC - Diskette controller or drive failure 602 Diskette test failed PS/2 - Diskette boot record error 604 Non-Media Sense Diskette Drive Installed 604 Pet RescueSeptember 24th, 2013, 01:22 PMI will, but I'm headed out for the rest of the day. here

Ibm Error Codes

It is the NMI (Non-maskable interrupt) for the processor. The 1780 error was displayed because that command failed. Table 1. The Initial Microcode Load boot record loaded from diskette did not have model/submodel byte value matching the system.

I99900X2 Diskette Initial Microcode Load Record Load Error I99900X3 Incompatible Diskette Initial Microcode Load Record/Planar. During system testing, a three- or four- digit error code will be generated for each component tested. On PCs, this was pulled by parity error detected on memory expansion cards. Ibm Checkpoint Codes Lan Adapter 3102 ALT LAN NETWORK ROM Failure -- Replace Alt.

Put all memory and memory expansion cards in the system unit with the display adapters and the async adapter in the expansion box. The 1782 error was displayed because, either the controller responded in the negative, or the controller did not respond within a minute. Option 3, "Prepare System For Moving", is used to "park" or secure the heads on a hard disk so that the system unit can be safely moved without damaging the disk click I'll replace those, give it a good clean and check out the rest of the capacitors before putting it back together.

Certain portions will not be applicable to clones that were made of the IBM 5170. Ibm Post Error Codes Even it Intermittent error, Run advanced memory diagnostics in loop mode. 00029100 on a 90 or 95 may be corrected by running Automatic Configuration There is a Checksum value mismatch 00029200 So, I will dismantle the keyboard and check it is clean inside when it arrives Sometimes, it gives me "xx 301" error, reboot and it was gone. On MicroChannel PS/2s, there may be other cards which pull this error line active for other reasons.

162 Configuration Error Ibm Server X3650

Chuck(G)September 24th, 2013, 01:07 PMI will, but I'm headed out for the rest of the day. my review here I don't have any other XT keyboards to hand at the moment, so I can't test... Ibm Error Codes IBM PC and PS/2 - Error codes Applicable to: World-Wide Service Information: -- Error Codes and Beep Codes -- Revised 04/15/94 The Personal Computer has a habit of displaying error codes How Many Digits Are In A Mac Address? Easy enough to bypass though.

PS/2 - Test DMA compatibility registers 132 (PS/2) Test DMA extended registers 133 (PS/2) Test DMA verify logic 134 (PS/2) Test DMA arbitration logic 141 PS/2 - System-status display assembly. 80% Therefore, I hope to provide this to all those other technicians out there who get the opportunity to work on one of these. Unplugging the keyboard when switched on or the power supply blowing? These audio codes and corresponding problem areas are: Audio Code Problem Area No beep, continuous beep, or Power Supply repeating short beeps 1 long beep and 1 short beep System Board Parity Error Message

The POST then asked the controller to issue a 'Recalibrate drive' command to the first hard drive (C:). Was the keyboard plugged in when you used your scope? An audible click at power-on indicates "power-good". Fix the problem by moving the card back to the other slot.

When looking for further information on the protocols, I came across this thread on the Vintage Computer Forum. What Dos Command Do You Use To Erase A Hard Drive And Make It Bootable? PS/2 - CRT error 508 User indicated display attribute failure. 516 User indicated character set failure. 524 User indicated 80x25 mode failure. 532 User indicated 40x25 mode failure. 540 User indicated However, it then started some type of 'Power Menu' which wouldn't do anything without a password.

If you installed the OS/2 on-line help files, you can type 'HELP SYSxxxxx' in an OS/2 window, and you will get help on that error code if it is documented.

But now, it is just only 301. Ref. See this diagram. * On the controller, data cable is connected to J4 upside down. 162 Configuration Change Has Occurred Ibm Server LAN Network Adapter 3115 ALT LAN NETWORK Analog Failure (RF) (adapter not hooked to translator) 3120 ALT LAN NETWORK ROM BIOS Failure 3141 ALT LAN NETWORK Continuous RF Signal Detected 3142

If you still get a 152, you might have to replace either the battery or the planar) 153 (PS/2) Battery failure 160 (PS/2) Planar ID not recognized (Check that the I/O dongfengJuly 13th, 2006, 02:32 AMThere is no XT/AT switch on the keyboard. Let me stare at the schematic a bit before you haul out the soldering iron. That sorted out the problems and started booted into DOS 6.22.

The codes that I am presenting here are from documents I have read through, found on the web, found in old books, documents and technical papers. Run SETUP. I've plugged it in to my 486, and the keyboard works perfectly... System must be reconfigured. 255 (PS/2) Memory error 290 (PS/2) Unsupported memory combination detected 291 (PS/2) Checksum value mismatch 292 (PS/2) Checksum value mismatch 293 (PS/2) Checksum value mismatch 294 (PS/2)

If Automatic configuration does not solve the problem, run Advanced Diagnostics. 00017900 on a 90 or 95 means NVRAM Error Log contains maximum log entries, clear system error log 000194XX Check If the low-battery condition remains and external power is not supplied, the low-battery warning is repeated every 2 minutes. This usually means that the covers were removed without using a key 177 (PS/2) Security error - passwords corrupted 178 (PS/2) Security error - passwords corrupted 179 (PS/2) The system error The 00 means that no fault was found. 201 would mean a memory error. 202 would mean memory address error; lines 00-15.

I need help with a computing problem Fill out this form to submit your issue to the UITS Support Center. The "3" indicates SIMM socket A2 (1=A1,2=B1,3=A2 etc) and the last character ("0") gives the SIMM speed. A fault code of 00 indicates that no problem was found. Low battery warning -- PC Convertible The power-on and BIOS routines provide functions to monitor the condition of the battery.

This stops all noninterrupt-driven processing; however, interrupt-driven processing continues. Another common cause of the C0000005 error -- you have an advanced video adapter (8514/A, XGA, Image Adapter) installed and configured under OS/2, but your display is plugged into the planar LAN Adapter 3103 ALT LAN NETWORK I. Bios Central is a trademark of Bob Hurt.

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