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This function is available in GLib on Windows, too, but you should avoid using it on Windows. Parameters channel a GIOChannel   condition the condition to watch for   func the function to call when the condition is satisfied   user_data user data to pass to func   The values of the flags G_IO_FLAG_IS_READABLE and G_IO_FLAG_IS_WRITABLE are cached for internal use by the channel when it is created. ret‘G_IO_STATUS_NORMAL’ if the encoding was successfully set. — Function: g-io-channel-close (channel) ‘g_io_channel_close’ has been deprecated since version 2.2 and should not be used in newly-written code.

Alternatively, a channel can be created for a file in a system independent manner using g-io-channel-new-file. This is because adding polling for a file descriptor is implemented in GLib on Windows by starting a thread that sits blocked in a read() from the file descriptor most of Parameters channel a GIOChannel   Returns TRUE if the channel is buffered. g_io_channel_set_buffered () void g_io_channel_set_buffered (GIOChannel *channel, gboolean buffered); The buffering If that happens a warning is issued, and GLib assumes that it is the file descriptor you mean. https://developer.gnome.org/glib/stable/glib-IO-Channels.html

G_io_add_watch Example

Parameters source the GIOChannel event source   condition the condition which has been satisfied   data user data set in g_io_add_watch() or g_io_add_watch_full()   Returns the function should return FALSE if The encoding can only be set if one of the following conditions is true: 1. The query I am runing. Sign in 1 Loading...

IO-library version is S800CI801CI854HwLib 1.3-1. Since most real-world applications of mainframe systems are heavily I/O-intensive business applications, this architecture helps provide the very high levels of throughput that distinguish mainframes from other types of computer. Upgrade your browserUpgrading is easy. G_io_channel_shutdown Example My areas of expertise are: 800xA Base, 800xA for Advant Master, Information Management, operating systems, RNRP and Ethernet comms/networking in general.

This indicates that the next UTF-8 character is too wide for the buffer.error: A location to return an error of type GConvertError or GIOChannelError.io_free () called from g_io_channel_unref() when the channel needs to be freed. Parameters channel a GIOChannel   Returns the size of the buffer. g_io_channel_set_buffer_size () void g_io_channel_set_buffer_size (GIOChannel *channel, gsize size); Sets the buffer http://www.geekstogo.com/forum/topic/75597-fdc-error-io-channel-error/ This works for plain file descriptors, pipes and sockets.

It is not merely a medium of communication, despite the name; it is a programmable device that handles all details of I/O after being given a list of I/O operations to Giocondition Similarly, if the dataset is allocated in cylinders, and the end of the cylinder is reached without the requested record being found the channel program terminates and returns a "no record Alternatively, a channel can be created for a file in a system independent manner using g_io_channel_new_file().

Once a GIOChannel has been created, it can be used in a generic channela sizethe size of the buffer. 0 == pick a good size — Function: g-io-channel-get-buffer-condition (channel) ⇒ (ret) This function returns a depending on whether there is data to


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This is a side-effect of the implementation and unavoidable. G_io_add_watch Example The operating system signals the I/O channel subsystem to begin executing the channel program with a SSCH (start sub-channel) instruction. G_io_add_watch Socket Example These have the same meaning as in fopen()   error A location to return an error of type G_FILE_ERROR   Returns A GIOChannel on success, NULL on failure. g_io_channel_read_chars () GIOStatus

A buffered channel can only be set unbuffered if the channel's internal buffers have been flushed. Sufficient FIFO storage was provided within the "C-Unit" for all channels which were emulated by this FSM. The channel will not be freed until the last reference is dropped using g_io_channel_unref(). If -1 is passed, the string is assumed to be nul-terminated. Giochannel Example

For blocked records (more than one record per block), the recorded key must be the same as the highest key within that block (and the records must be in recorded key This includes the possibility of seeking with seek type ‘G_SEEK_CUR’ and an offset of zero. In addition to having access to Optimum.net, updating your web browser means you will have the most current security features to protect your personal information, as well as faster and more Working...

Similar functions can also be found in GDK.

The new functions g_io_channel_read_chars(), g_io_channel_read_line(), g_io_channel_read_line_string(), g_io_channel_read_to_end(), g_io_channel_write_chars(), g_io_channel_seek_position(), and g_io_channel_flush() should not be mixed with G_io_channel_read_chars Example Parameters channel a GIOChannel   g_io_create_watch () GSource * g_io_create_watch (GIOChannel *channel, GIOCondition condition); Creates a GSource that's dispatched when condition is Once a GIOChannel has been created, it can be used in a generic manner with the functions g_io_channel_read_chars(), g_io_channel_write_chars(), g_io_channel_seek_position(), and g_io_channel_shutdown().

reta new . — Function: g-io-channel-unix-get-fd (channel) ⇒ (retint) Returns the file descriptor of the .

Parameters channel a GIOChannel   str_return Location to store a pointer to a string holding the remaining data in the GIOChannel. Any pending data to be written will be flushed, ignoring errors. Channel program[edit] A channel program is a sequence of channel command words (CCWs) which are executed by the I/O channel subsystem in the IBM System/360 and subsequent architectures. G_io_channel_unix_new Example This eliminates much of the CPU—Channel interaction and greatly improves overall system performance.

New code should use g_io_channel_read_chars() instead.

channel: a GIOChannel. buf: a buffer to read the data into (which The new functions g-io-channel-read-chars, g-io-channel-read-line, g-io-channel-read-line-string, g-io-channel-read-to-end, g-io-channel-write-chars, g-io-channel-seek-position, and g-io-channel-flush should not be mixed with the deprecated functions g-io-channel-read, g-io-channel-write, and g-io-channel-seek on the same channel. 4.2 Usage — Class: This is a side-effect of the implementation and unavoidable. This function is deprecated.

I will re-ingest the data and try it again. The last Microsoft compiler version that supported using msvcrt.dll as the C runtime was version The GNU compiler and toolchain for Windows, also known as Mingw, fully supports msvcrt.dll. Once a has been created, it can be used in a generic manner with the functions g-io-channel-read-chars, g-io-channel-write-chars, g-io-channel-seek-position, and g-io-channel-shutdown. The domain of file descriptors and sockets overlap.

Members io_read () reads raw bytes from the channel. When the reference count falls to 0, the is freed. (Though it isn't closed automatically, unless it was created using g-io-channel-new-from-file.) Using g-io-add-watch or g-io-add-watch-full increments a channel's reference count. Retrieved 2014-01-22. ^ "IBM Archives: 7090 Data Processing System (continued)". 03.ibm.com. 1958-12-30. If -1, the buffer is taken to be a nul-terminated string.bytes_written: The number of bytes written.

Loading... One of the functions g_io_channel_read_chars() or g_io_channel_read_unichar() has returned G_IO_STATUS_AGAIN or G_IO_STATUS_ERROR. lengthlocation to store length of the read data, or ‘#f’ terminator-poslocation to store position of line terminator, or ‘#f’ errorA location to return an error of type or retthe The default encoding for the external file is UTF-8.

The encoding NULL is safe to use with binary data.

The encoding can only be set if one of the following

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