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Especially, when the name of the naming context is incorrect (i.e. Exchange leverages IIS heavily and Exchange doesn't like having different versions of ..dll's on the FE and the BE servers. number is alias is for newsgroup confers no rights. If you want to know what to to when you have to delete non-empty LDAP contaniers, just read the article "Deleting LDAP Directory Objects" here in the SelfADSI tutorial. -2147016682 0x80072016 weblink

Why am I getting prompted for another login and why does it seem like only an exchange admin account can change the password? I think I would check that the iispwchg.dll referred to in the KB article got registered, beyond that I guess I would try and debug the asp page that generates on Loftus" wrote: > What you have here is really an Exchange and IIS bug, you need to apply > KB833734 to "both" the front end and the back end servers. I know that they get a > > 14 > > day warning in OWA but my problem is if they ignore it or are on vacation, > > etc... >

Iis Error 500 Internal Server Error

However, if the account is not expired, it does work fine. There is a Forward rules bug patch for OWA as well - Exchange2003-KB875269 There is also a Windows SMTP vulnerability you should patch - WindowsServer2003-KB885881 -- Sean M. I am refering to SP1 for Windows 2003. more stack exchange communities company blog Stack Exchange Inbox Reputation and Badges sign up log in tour help Tour Start here for a quick overview of the site Help Center Detailed

Thanks a lot team. etc.< The following contents are available here: ADSI Error Codes Converting Error Codes : Decimal <> Hex Handling Runtime Errors for ADSI in Scripts ADSI Error Codes In the following you This search fails when the used ADO search string is syntactically incorrect. Iis 302 Error MS is always updating the code on > these asp pages with every patch so you generally have to rewrite some of > your code after every patch if you customize

When is it okay to exceed the absolute maximum rating on a part? Melissa Reply With Quote 04-28, 02:16 PM #3 Re: OWA Error 2147023570 But isn't possible to download this fix to microsoft site? This error can occur even without using ADO when you have a type mismatch while writing an object attribute (for example if you use the ADSI method Put to fill an Often this error occurs when trying to nest AD groups in other groups without considering the group scope (global groups may contain groups of other domains; local domain groups can't be

Convert the value into hexadecimal - Microsoft refers to the accordant hexadecimal error codes throughout its document. Iis 304 HTH. ~ Ganesh Please: Don't forget to click "Mark as Answer" on the post that helped you. Art Bunch posted Jul 8, 2016 Cannot acsess my email DeVonne Colette posted Mar 5, 2016 Login,logoff,idle time tracking saran posted Nov 2, 2015 WSUS clients not connecting to... THe log files for IIS or the system logs are of no help so far.

  1. You can implement IISADMPWD without running > Exchange. > > My problem with installing KB833734 is that during testing it would allow a > user who's password had expired to still
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  3. you can change it now" dialog page when the change password flag on the account is set.
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  6. OWA password expire bar - and change password at logon 7.
  7. The peculiarity with this issue is that the error code ADS_BAD_PATHNAME is always given back in Active Directory environments, whereas other LDAP server (e.g.

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You might still want to review the KB article as there are some configurable settings to control behaviors. https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/kb/943891 MS is always updating the code on > > these asp pages with every patch so you generally have to rewrite some of > > your code after every patch if Iis Error 500 Internal Server Error The IISADMPWD virtual > directory is not a funciton of Exchange rather Exchange uses that function to > permit password changes in OWA. Module Or Isapi Error Occurred You would need to call our support number and ask an IIS engineer to send it to you. -- Hope this helps -- Melissa Travers, MCSE Microsoft Exchange Support Please do

This hotfix package automatically registers Iispwchg.dll. Thanks a lot team. If you have customized your OWA logon pages, back them up before > you apply the patch, it replaces them. Trouble shooting it, it fails on this line. Iis Sc-win32-status

While users can now change their passwords once they've logged into owa they are still unable to do so if their password has already expired. So the correct order would be to create the object (with the mandatory attributes), then to call the function SetInfo, and after that set other attributes. -2147016683 0x80072015 LDAP_ONLY_ALLOWED_ON_LEAFS This error They are also the same files referenced in 883734. That way future readers will know which post solved your issue.

Found this little side note on my 10th reading of this... "Note The files from this hotfix are included in Windows Server 2003 Service Pack 1 (SP1). Iis Error 404 The only thing I haven't done is install SP1 on my back-end servers but I don't know why that would be necessary. "Lee Flight" wrote: > Hi > > if you Once the password has expired and it forces a >> >> > change, >> >> > then >> >> > user gets an error when they try and change it through

I hadn't noticed before that even if you have SP2 installed already you may still have to register the .dll.

Guest I am running Windows 2003 AD and Exchange 2003 SP1 I am trying to setup a web location that users can go to to change their password after it has GetObject("WinNT://" & domain & "/" & username & ",user") With more troubleshooting, I did find that it does work if the account is local on the web server, but not if Instead of using the normal access methods like Get and GetEx, you have to use the ADSI-Function GetPropertyItem. 500 0 64 Iis Error So I have no desire > to put that fix in production.

However I installed SP1 for Windows > 2K3 on my test server and the problem went away. I have Windows 2003 Standard Server w/SP1 installed and Exchange 2003 Enterprise Server w/SP2 installed and I get the above error. Thaks... It could also be an operational attribute that isn't automatically built in the cache but has to be requested explicitly from the directory.

Unable to change password through OWA 2003 - Error 404 8. Or when no array was used as first parameter for a GetInfoEx call. -2147463156 0x8000500C ADS_TYPE_CANNOT_BE_CONVERTED This error occurs when you try to access a provider specific attribute without using the Loftus (sean(removeme)_at_loftus.org) Date: 09/15/04 Next message: Steve: "Re: How to stop hackers from changing the index.asp file" Previous message: Phill H.: "Problem with anonymous access" In reply to: Sean M. when passing an incorrect distinguished name in the OpenDSObject method of a Windows 2000 ADS.

Although there is an extended LDAP control wich is named "Delete Tree", you cannot use such controls in ADSI scripts. Does anyone else have this problem? "RichWhit" wrote: > I have IISADMPWD setup and it works fine until the users password has > actually expired. change passwords in OWA (error) 10. I have remote users who do not ever logon > > > to a > > > machine joined to my domain and only use OWA 2003.

Loftus > > Enterprise Architect > > Loftus Consulting, Inc. > > www.LoftusConsulting.com > > sean(removeme)@loftus.org > > > > > > "" <> wrote in > > message news:... > Either it wasn't allowed to change the schema or the schema master domain controller wasn't reachable, or another schema extension was active. -2147016649 0x80072037 LDAP_NAMING_VIOLATION This error occurs in the context Reply Dave7342 3 Posts Re: IISADMPWD adn Exchange 2003 Apr 16, 2008 01:46 PM|Dave7342|LINK Thanks. How should I deal with a difficult group and a DM that doesn't help?

message guzz Reply With Quote 04-28, 02:16 PM #4 Re: OWA Error 2147023570 But isn't possible to download this fix to microsoft site? It fails when the specified LDAP server is unreachable or the passed LDAP path in which objects are searched is non existing. Just click the sign up button to choose a username and then you can ask your own questions on the forum. Also, SP1 must be applied to front end servers first then back end servers.

Loftus Enterprise Architect Loftus Consulting, Inc. This have to be considered not only for the LDAP filter which is part of the ADO command string. I'm on Exchange 2003 so I don't think it can be the 2007 issue, but thanks all the same. Loftus > Enterprise Architect > Loftus Consulting, Inc. > www.LoftusConsulting.com > sean(removeme)@loftus.org > > > "" <> wrote in > message news:... > >I am running Windows 2003 AD and Exchange

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