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Choose User Management > End User. Are leet passwords easily crackable? Of the 10 indexes only 1 is a unique index. .net sql informix share|improve this question edited Aug 1 '13 at 20:09 asked Aug 1 '13 at 18:45 goku_da_master 1,6971926 1 This DMA tar file is not usable without disposition. check my blog

October 18, 2016Recently we got a call from customer who was trying to enable stretch database but repeatedly got errors like below: Oct 14 2016 13:52:05 [Informational] TaskUpdates: Message:Task : ‘Configure In order to resolve the issue, stop the Prognosis software from the IP Telephony Manager service and re-run the DMA. Why aren't sessions exclusive to an IP address? Perhaps ther error is coming from actions happening in a trigger. –HLGEM Aug 1 '13 at 18:57 Can you provide the table details? http://www.oninit.com/errorcode/index.php?pageid=-239

Drill down to Microsoft SQL Servers > SQL Server Group > > Databases > CCM0XXX > Tables. Cannot use DMA files in Upgrade to Cisco Unified Communications Manager 7.x Problem A W1 upgrade failure occurs with no reported user error file messages, but this appears near the end Script "/usr/local/cm/script/ W1 PostInstall"4.1.3" usr/local/cm/common/download/windows/ /common/log/install/install.log" exited with errors (1).The system will now halt. How to find positive things in a code review?

  1. Open MGCPSlotConfig, and issue these commands in order to delete the entries based on the pkids reported in the warnings: select * from MGCPSlotConfig where pkid = '5259709a-cec7-4fa8-856e-f82caa6fade6' delete from MGCPSlotConfig
  2. Check their configurations to see if there are any issues.
  3. Run the DMA after you format the D drive.
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  7. After a while, a dump generates with this message in the install.log file: The installation has encountered a unrecoverable internal error.
  8. Error Message: DMA Backup Disposition is missing and is mandatory.
  9. Login fails.] Solution This issue occurs when Prognosis, a third party tool, runs during the upgrade.
  10. Problem When an attempt is made to upgrade from Cisco CallManager 4.x to Cisco Unified Communications Manager 6.x, DMA shows this warning: Table: NumPlan Row: 3118 SQL error: -746(25048) Warning message

The -391 error causes a -691 error roughly a minute later. -391: Trying to insert a record that has null field where data is required. Example 1 - Unspecified System Error = -239 on Informix db Insert 10/23/2006 14:25:42.227 installdb|*ERROR* Error executing "insert into NumPlan (authorizationcoderequired,authorizationlevelrequired,blockenable, cfaptvoicemailenabled,cfavoicemailenabled,cfbintvoicemailenabled, cfbvoicemailenabled,cfdfvoicemailenabled,cfnaintvoicemailenabled, cfnavoicemailenabled,clientcoderequired,deviceoverride,dnorpattern, fkroutepartition,iscallable,ismessagewaitingon,outsidedialtone, patternurgency,personalroutingenabled,pff_cfb,pff_cfna,pffintvoicemailenabled, pffvoicemailenabled,pkid,supportoverlapsending,tkautoanswer,tknetworklocation, tkpatternprecedence,tkpatternusage,tkpresentationbit_callingline, tkpresentationbit_callingname,tkpresentationbit_connectedline, tkpresentationbit_connectedname,tkreleasecausevalue,tkstatus_ usefullyqualcallingpartynum) Bug Details Include Full Description (including symptoms, conditions and workarounds) Status Severity Known Fixed Releases Related Community Discussions Number of Related Support Cases Bug information is viewable for customers and partners DMA Fails with SQL Error -746 Problem: -746(2700) When an attempt is made to upgrade Cisco CallManager with the DMA tool, this SQL error appears: Device SQL error: -746(2700) Warning message

Informix Error Code -242 Could not open database table table-name. Solution In order to resolve this issue disable the Cisco Security Agent (CSA) and do the DMA installation. A problem probably exists in accessing the transaction log. Problem Solution Error Message: DMA Backup Disposition is missing and is mandatory.

Can anyone point me in the right direction where and how to find this "supposed" unique key it's failing on (preferably using squirrel)? Run these two command from the administrative CLI in order to turn off the Enhanced Upgrade processing for your system: run sql DELETE Scratch WHERE Name LIKE '%ableBulkTableCopy' run sql INSERT Problem Solution Error Message: Error connecting to Database. (DMA Fails at Checking Informix IDS - ccm Service.) Problem Solution Error Message: ExportDatabase, returning [Failure,Internal Windows to Windows CCM Migration:DB_TARGET_ERROR. Problem DMA fails with this error message: Free disk space available in D:\ drive is 0KB.

DMAInstall.cpp fnIDSInstallPreCheck Cannot find Tcp1323Opts registry key in SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\Tcpip\Parameters. In this log file, look from the bottom up for the last operation that failed. JackLiDefault auto statistics update threshold change for SQL Server 2016 October 4, 2016Lately, we had a customer who contacted us for a performance issue where their server performed much worse in A command prompt window opens with Informix privilege.

Interaction between a predictor and its quadratic form? click site Example 4 - Secondary Error - Error Code = -691 10/15/2006 23:03:01.546 installdb| *ERROR* Error executing "insert into EndUserDeviceMap (defaultprofile,description,fkdevice,fkenduser,pkid,tkuserassociation) values ('F','','55cff786-90c9-4cac-b051-18da97bfcba2','a02117a9-ffa3-4f6a-aa6c-d120842d55cd', '5f9fc849-a799-433f-98bd-9ea074ed5b71',1): [Informix][Informix ODBC Driver][Informix]Unspecified System Error = -691. The reason for the top down search is that errors at the bottom of the trace are most likely caused by an error occurrence earlier on. psssql Disclaimer Powered by WordPress and Dynamic News.

more stack exchange communities company blog Stack Exchange Inbox Reputation and Badges sign up log in tour help Tour Start here for a quick overview of the site Help Center Detailed Choose Start > Programs > IP telephony manager > Prognosis, and click the red square in order to stop the Prognosis IP Telephony Manager tool. Remember, when you insert into a table, you insert entire rows. http://renderq.net/informix-error/informix-error-329.php And why?

Problem Solution Installation of DMA on the 4.x Cisco Unified Communication Manager Publisher Fails Problem Solution Warning Message: The circumflex must appear within brackets Problem Solution Error Message: DMA aborts due This is most likely an empty field in the user page (for example: Last Name, PIN Password, and so forth). Problem When the DMA runs, the Error message: Only characters A-Z, a-z, 0-9 are allowed in prompt name error message appears in the data validation log.

This issue results from a change in how character data is interpreted.

You might need to run SELECT COUNT(*), COUNT(DISTINCT problem_column) FROM

to help determine the trouble.) There are no primary keys. Solution Complete these steps in order to resolve the issue: Set the Informix SNMP service to manual and stop it. Upgrade Fails in Database Migration from CUCM Versions 6.x or 7.x to Version 8.x or Later Problem When you upgrade CUCM from version 6.x or 7.x to version 8.x or later, Check the accompanying ISAM error code for more information.

Thanks, SQLServerF1 Team Information about Informix Error Codes or Status Codes or Exit Codes and Error Messages on Windows, Linux Operating Systems. Error Message: Only characters A-Z, a-z, 0-9 are allowed in prompt name. sqlerrm(DMABack_Admin.fk_enduserdevicemap_fkenduser)| Note the matching PKID and the difference in timestamps. http://renderq.net/informix-error/informix-error-229.php There are 10 indexes, none of which are tied to the column that's having the problem.

Roll back the current transaction; then check the accompanying ISAM error code for more specific information. Problem 1: Upgrade from Callmanager 4.x to CUCM 5.x Fails The upgrade from Cisco CallManager 4.x to Cisco CallManager 5.x fails, even when the same IP address and hostname are used Solution In order to resolve the issue, login as the local administrator and complete the DMA installation. One of the features (https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/kb/3107401)  is allow you to hint your query (MIN_GRANT_PERCENT and MAX_GRANT_PERCENT), giving you much more granular control.

Will they need replacement? Modify the value in the Name Dialing field. July 13, 2016Recently we got a customer who called in and wanted to know why he received NULL for query_plan when querying sys.dm_exec_query_plan.   This customer referenced a blog from https://dzone.com/articles/dmexecqueryplan-returning-null.  In This file is located in C:\Program Files\Cisco\Trace\DBL\installdbw1.log.

Open your highest numbered database and navigate to the Device table. These are the most common system error numbers: -239: Error trying to insert a duplicate record. -691: Trying to insert a record with a pointer to null value. Example: The pattern 9.[^0^3^7^9]11 is not supported in 6x versions due to DB rule constraints. The upgrade installdb log file is shown as below: 08:55:32.566 | BulkMigrationTarget::BulkMigrationTargetPrepare *ERROR* BulkMigrationTarget Object Setup Failed: [Error executing "SELECT COUNT(*) AS CurRecCount FROM [email protected]_ccm7_1_3_30000_1:timeperiod ": [Informix][Informix ODBC Driver][Informix]Error on remote

Check if disk space is available on storage location. If the user does not exist, you can ignore this warning. Solution Check to see if any devices, gateways, or MOH have a / in their description. In order to resolve the issue, complete these steps: Convert the entries to the standard format or delete them.

The upgrade should work fine. I'm not familiar with Informix, but it looks like (stackoverflow.com/questions/4284187/…) there's a "dbschema" command line tool. –user565869 Aug 1 '13 at 19:14 @HLGEM - Good point about the trigger,

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