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Internal Application Error Memoq

Can't use AutoPick by pressing CTRL Cannot confirm my registration in Language Terminal Symptom You receive an error message when you click the confirmation link in the registration e-mail you received These include auto-translatable rules, LQA resources, filter configurations (for translation document import), st... Fix : You have probably used memoQ for long... Error: "No ELM license received from server" Title : Error: "No ELM license received from server" Context : You are working for an Enterprise or LSP that sends you a job navigate to this website

This is very strange. Troubleshooting: memoQ 5 does not start or crashes on Windows 7: ... Server documents - all resources (files for translation, memories etc.) will be kept on the server. Symptom: After a server is moved, references to the old server remain on the translators' computers. http://www.proz.com/forum/memoq_support/214016-internal_application_error.html

XSLT transformation file for XML preview rejected by memoQ with "... However, one scenario could be to insert formatting... Disabling capitalisation of terms Title: Disabling the capitalisation of terms Description: You have a term base where some terms are upper-case, others are lower-case. There must be an connection all the time with the server.2.

  1. TM/TB user permission in online projects Title: TM/TB user permissions in online projects Description: This KB article explains the TM/TB user permissions in online projects.
  2. Using Word 2003 AutoCorrect entries in memoQ Title: Using MS Word 2003 AutoCorrect entries in memoQ Description: memoQ has an AutoCorrect feature similar to the AutoCorrect options in MS Word.
  3. memoQ 2014 R2 is now available!TM/TB sharing, the ribbon, Web-based project management, a more user-friendly segmentation rules editor, full compatibility with SDL WorldServer’s XLZ and WSXZ file formats are just a
  4. You need to restore the package in version 6.2 first, and then open the project in memoQ 2013 to convert it.You cannot connect to a memoQ 2013 server from memoQ 6.2,

use a single-byte representation for numbers. When you open the file, it shows nothing. Title: with the exact same numbers in source and target, a QA warning reports mismatched numbers Description: You have the exact same numbers in the source text and its translation, and There is one new type of light resource: project t...

Importing a multilingua... Installing memoQ on a third computer. You are then confronted to a general error message stating: “ Updating view but view is dirty “ Description : Dirt... Apparently, the problem can be solved by disabling the EuroTermBank plugin, but the same Microsoft update might cause further instability on your computer.

It is not... Such errors can have three differen... Title: Segmentation rules: difference between "abb_long" and "abb_short" lists Context: You can customize your segmentation rules by adding new abbreviations to the rules to avoid wrong segmentation of your documents after The key mus...

Symptom: memoQ reports a timeout error (or simply freezes) when you try... http://translation1226.rssing.com/chan-21823925/all_p50.html General Error: Corrupt memoQLog file Title : Corrupt memoQLog file Context : You cannot open any projects in memoQ (online or offline). Using this feature, you can ea... You can find more information in the memoQ help (http://kilgray.com/memoq/2013/help-en/index.html?doing_a_linguistic_review.html) as wel...

Automatic updates will be available soon.memoQ 2013 R2.59 installermemoQ server installers are below.memoQ server 2013 R2.59 installerFull memoQ server 2013 R2.59 installer (contains SQL Server Express)Notable fixes and enhancements since build useful reference maybe because I'm going rather fast? :-) It got slow on one or two occasions and I actually had to switch to 2014 to finish the job... If you export the document again from memoQ 6.2, and import it in memoQ 2013: the extra information will not be there.memoQ 2013 can use resources from memoQ 6.2, and the with terms from a term base.

Concordance front display issues in memoQ 5 Title: Concordance front display issues in memoQ 5 Context: When running concordance on one of your TMs the concordance window opens and seems to Translating DWG and DXF files • If your client does have AutoCAD, then he could use the small "Trans" plugin, which creates an RTF file you can easily process with memoQ: An extension to your real life group of friends, interests and communities. http://renderq.net/internal-application/internal-application-error-m4.php attribute values mixed up in a document coming from a Transit pac...

How do I get the fuzzy matching for existing term bases Title: How do I get the fuzzy matching for term bases created in memoQ 6.2? I’ve seen reports about third-party apps unable to properly handle Word 2013 files while Word 2007 was OK. Configuring TM, context matching and multiple translations Title : Updating TMs, replacing previous entries, context matching and allow multiple translations.

The translation memory is open for exclusive use.

RSS Articles Missing an article? How to configure the timeout values for memoQ (the client) when i... Such errors can have three differen... You realize that there is no backward compatibility between memoQ 5 and 6.

Project delivery from the Translator to the PM Title : Project delivery from the Translator to the PM Context : Because of your own internal work-flow, you would like the Translator Troubleshooting: memoQ 5 does not start or crashes on Windows 7: ... SQL Server privileges for memoQ server service account This is a troubleshooting article. http://renderq.net/internal-application/internal-application-error-has.php The issue is that memoQ doesn't show the custom punctuation marks you have already added.

If the... There are two type of online projects:1. TYPE: System.NullReferenceException MESSAGE: Object reference is not set to an instance of t... next day, slowness was gone...People in other places say it must be my system, since Kilgray never releases anything "buggy"...

When you switch the UI from English to e.g.

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