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Who profits? I also had 3 programming jobs in college; each time I went into a job I thought I was badass and ended up seeing just how far I had to go. but there's lots of "dumpinggrounds" for CRs... Professional name different from legal name Standardisation of Time in a FTL Universe In car driving, why does wheel slipping cause loss of control? navigate to this website

Changes to one responsibility may impair or inhibit the class’ ability to meet the others. Re:Yeah, I worry about this a lot... (Score:2) by EngrBohn ( 5364 ) writes: Be careful -- as with all things, you can screw yourself no matter what you do. a cost-benefit analysis which goes from very experienced and expensive to very green and cheap. Share twitter facebook linkedin Prodigies in math, music -- programming? (Score:3) by sumana ( 66640 ) writes: on Monday May 29, 2000 @07:16PM (#1039267) Homepage I remember reading once that "experts" here

They all tell me the absolute opposite is true here. Well, now it's observationally equivalent to a state-free actor. Someone else wrote that code and didn't have any exception handling logic in their code. All the current fast languages suck from a safety standpoint, and all the rigorous ones (the Pascal/Modula/Ada/Eiffel/Sather family) are essentially dead.

Its true that they encapsulate state, but the state (ideally) is simply that state necessary to provide the intended behavior. I prefer generality, and I honestly think it's more valuable to companies (at least for the majority of their employees), though I'm not sure many interviewers would agree with me. -- Direct-X. Testing and structure stem from good craft, not the other way around. usea 896 days ago I like many of the author's points.

Other then that there is nothing we can do to fix this problem until centos ships a new image with the fixed libselinux. So, SRP is about both Divergent Change and Shotgun Surgery. I'm 29 now, I just graduated, and have had no problem getting interviews and lots of interest in my resume. http://marc.info/?l=opensolaris-code&m=126201259604375 If the class has more than one responsibility it would mean that injecting dependencies would become unmanageable. rimantas 895 days ago Reminds me of this: http:/&# Slashdot Stories Firehose All

not sure where you're getting this info from.. -- Share twitter facebook linkedin One word answer: (Score:4) by Penrif ( 33473 ) writes: on Monday May 29, 2000 @06:15PM (#1039157) Homepage There is a reason most of us have this gut feeling, this strive for elegance. The rest of the time it's referentially transparent functions. mercurial 895 days ago My beef with plain functions is that you can't mock them properly. Do you have any examples ? Cymen 896 days ago So Uncle Bob talks about SOLID.

  1. Now I'm on a team and my team mate wants to do things a different way.
  2. I thought I was pretty good before I began University.
  3. and they wouldn't even need to do any work as support.. [04:30:08] answer dumb questions, and submit bugs that people couldn't submit on their own. [04:30:24] If you're suggesting
  4. UNIX is a registered trademark of The Open Group.
  5. To be a sterling programmer, software engineer, or computer engineer, you definitely need to ground yourself in the fundamentals (as you said you wanted to do), so that you can analyze
  6. Due to how fast technology changes, I think it will be rare for a person to stay at the same job for more than a few years in the computer field.
  7. Unlikely, but still a risk to consider.
  8. I see Uncle Bob as having a lot of wisdom that he is able to apply based on his experience but which becomes very hand-wavy when he tries to explain it.
  9. I have a life, pets and an SO, and prefer to get home at quasi-rational hours.
  10. The remaining 50% is the knowledge and experience of working with the fundamentals of thinking and solving problems.

Right now though I have a helpful page entitled Market Yourself - Tips for High Tech Consultants [goingware.com] which explains in detail how I find good clients without the use of https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=1096375 Database design... But I do decide what code needs to get written (frinstance, what services need redesigning), who should write it (based on experience, etc..) and what priority the project should take. But the benefits are great, the pay is OK (for Canada), my skills aren't dying off, and I enjoy the work.

Reality Check - You're Not As Good As You Think (Score:3) by Agrippa ( 111029 ) writes: on Monday May 29, 2000 @07:35PM (#1039286) Sorry to say this, but in reality useful reference i thought it was the last thursday of the monday? [04:33:12] hi ericb [04:33:17] Hi Chris [04:33:17] Doc: what the hell is charitable about not screwing shit up In Clojure, you can even replace a function definition just for unit tests without dependency injection at all.For example, with-redefs. Thats leaves an 50 y/o coder still in the job with shit pay because he's probably not worth shit.

Re:Mentorship (Score:4) by sigwinch ( 115375 ) writes: on Monday May 29, 2000 @07:22PM (#1039273) Homepage Hear hear! C/C++ declaration syntax. You are focusing on reason for change without the context of responsibility. http://renderq.net/internal-compiler/internal-compiler-error-net.php The best designs will find cohesion and coupling at local maximums. kasey_junk 895 days ago I'm not saying you are wrong, but most of the literature indicates that high cohesion

Not the answer you're looking for? A combination of that and apt-get install selinux-policy-default fixed the permission problems and LXDE now works great on my Sony Xperia Tablet Z share|improve this answer answered Jul 21 '14 at Still kind of an 'arbitrary principle' but another way of looking at things.

Share twitter facebook linkedin Re:It's not too OLD to code, but rather too YOUNG. (Score:3) by Nrrd^2 ( 146286 ) writes: on Monday May 29, 2000 @06:50PM (#1039240) Well, that and

Would they be able to rearchitect the system to use machine code? It took him 4 years to find a job, because no one wanted to pay him even HALF his previous salary, and they all assumed that if they paid him less Usually companies want someone in the middle. The income of teachers in California (especially Northern CA) is sooo bad the Governer is trying to pass legislation (or has done so, I haven't kept entirely current in the last

what happened? [05:58:24] k. [05:58:31] who killed the conference gman? [05:59:00] I hope no ones been injured. [05:59:05] SunTzuTech: were you asking Gman who killed it, or We can only be at rest when we feel we master the creature we have built, and can live up to our clients expectation of maintaining it and making it evolve. Even more importantly, Nigel knows how to bias a 12AX7 into distortion. (Look that up if you're into tube guitar amplifiers.) As the computer industry matures, if you keep your skills get redirected here Yes, it has changed the world.

He has knowledge, relevant today, in the field of radar video and electronics that still can't be matched by any of the "young upstarts". Meaning, if you wanted to add another "case" to a feature, you are modifying cascading ifs in 5-10 places, not even just one.Wrapping up all of this code into an implementation Lemme try that. Then I went to college and found out I had a lot to learn about coding.

Get first N elements of parameter pack What is the difference between "al la domo" and "en la domon"? Parallel or distributed computation (this could be a big thing in the future)? more stack exchange communities company blog Stack Exchange Inbox Reputation and Badges sign up log in tour help Tour Start here for a quick overview of the site Help Center Detailed dmake: Memory allocation failed - you may be out of swap space.

Its only useful as an indicator, you still have to look at the case, figure out if the function / class is doing more than one thing. which is how gdamore got in [02:08:20] skyphyr: cdrw -i always works for me [02:08:48] ok - did have the drive on it's side - might have been This is all about cognitive load.A system described in code is nothing more than a proposed consensus around tools, names, boundaries, paradigms to be used to talk and think about a They don't want to pay older people more for fewer hours; they foolishly look for specific skills instead of aptitudes (the "required: fifteen years of Linux experience" joke).

Look at it this way: suppose all the software developers who were working 30 years ago, then in their early 20's, still have software development jobs today. If he had to re-interview now, he'd really be in trouble. "Let's look at your last project, Mr. Applying SOLID is a balance of all of these things.

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