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I don't see out of memory error now. Usually there is some text the accompanies the OOME and that text indicates exactly what memory you are out of (each OOME type has a different solution). Can you please elaborate? Is there anything I can do for you? navigate to this website

Suspect 1: 29,584 instances of "java.lang.ref.Finalizer", loaded by "" occupy 429,936,896 (67.95%) bytes. Luna struggled but worked with -Xmx3g on ~1500 files. Comment 9 Andrew Gvozdev 2013-02-12 10:30:10 EST Add -Xmx1024m option, otherwise we may not even get to the real problem. Recently I tried to update to the current Juno release and got an error everytime the indexer runs: An internal error occurred during: "Update Monitor".

Internal Compiler Error Java.lang.outofmemoryerror Java Heap Space

Comment 2 Nitin Dahyabhai 2012-09-28 15:03:02 EDT Try increasing the maximum memory. Ravi January 5, 2010 at 6:59 pm Thanks for the solution.U saved my time Sher February 27, 2010 at 12:35 am Thanks friend. The interesting thing is that it does *not* blow up when I instead just add it as an exported preprocessor/macro include directory, even though I saw it subsequently index the boost Unfortunately, I am still getting the NullPointerException Comment 45 Dharma 2009-06-23 17:29:11 EDT Created attachment 139925 [details] Screenshot of stack trace Hi, I just tried the latest version.

  • Your steps worked perfectly, it's really not trivial to find in Eclipse!
  • After that, I added one more aspect.
  • Comment 6 Dharma 2009-06-04 16:09:25 EDT Just tried it from the command line.
  • Honestly it was all for selfish reasons anyway. :) I needed a compelling case study for my research and this happened to fit the bill. > (In reply to comment #48)
  • Each name contains unique location information that is later stored in the index.
  • Comment 12 Sergey Prigogin 2013-02-13 15:00:46 EST (In reply to comment #11) When one of the first indexed source files directly or indirectly includes many header files, all that volume of
  • Please attach as text, not as an image so I can copy/paste into my workspace.
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  • Comment 43 Andrew Eisenberg 2009-06-23 12:54:12 EDT Looks like eclipse.org is all blocked up now because of the upcoming galileo release.

after that, we are running low on options unless you are able to share the project with me. Downloaded the AspectJ from: http://download.eclipse.org/tools/ajdt/34/update java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space at java.nio.HeapByteBuffer.(Unknown Source) at java.nio.ByteBuffer.allocate(Unknown Source) at sun.nio.cs.StreamEncoder.(Unknown Source) at sun.nio.cs.StreamEncoder.(Unknown Source) at sun.nio.cs.StreamEncoder.forOutputStreamWriter(Unknown Source) at java.io.OutputStreamWriter.(Unknown Source) at java.io.PrintStream.(Unknown Source) at using a unique key of "name.toString() + " - " + Arrays.toString(name.getNodeLocations())"). Ant_opts In Eclipse In the eclipse workspace go Help>AboutEclipseSDK.

I've been able to easily reproduce this by creating a CDT project and importing the boost source, all of it, into it. Please download attached indexer-debug-options.txt and save it in the root of your Eclipse install, then run Eclipse like this to pipe output into a file: cd eclipsehome java -XX:MaxPermSize=512m -Xmx2048m -jar This latter option could make a huge difference to the model size. Note The Java application, Ant / Maven build scripts, or unit test cases, are run as an external tool from Eclipse, and it does not inherit the VM settings in eclipse.ini.But,

I'd just like to ask if there's a plan to do something with this indexer problem? [javac] The System Is Out Of Resources. Comment 21 Sergey Prigogin 2013-03-21 10:34:40 EDT (In reply to comment #20) > > Each name occurrence requires a separate object. Only full? Comment 32 Andrew Clement 2009-06-11 18:49:57 EDT yes, there will be a new AJDT version you can upgrade to that contains the diagnostics and in the same place you currently see

Ant Java Lang Outofmemoryerror Java Heap Space

Comment 54 Sergey Prigogin 2013-07-18 13:50:39 EDT Robin, do you see any improvement with the latest changes? Our Project is ~370KLOCs, uses C++11 and the project includes multiple executables (which for example means multiple main functions in different directories). Internal Compiler Error Java.lang.outofmemoryerror Java Heap Space Not sure how to answer this. The System Is Out Of Resources. Java.lang.outofmemoryerror Java Heap Space Now, I get out of memory error.

So, I > may open a new bug report for it. (In reply to comment #54) > I only see one aspect attached (this one: "Aspect Tracing JDBC Access") > Can useful reference I have attached the dominator tree for one of the many Finalizer objects holding an org.eclipse.cdt.codan.core.cxx.model.CxxModelsCache object, which account for most of the memory use of the Finalizer. By coping with it, I mean that some fixed set of indicators could be measured and compared to the previous versions (like the number of files processed, the number of symbols/references/whatever Out of a total heap of 603.4 MB suspect 1 uses 410 MB and suspect 2 uses 124 MB. Internal Compiler Error Java.lang.outofmemoryerror Gc Overhead Limit Exceeded

The following is a snippet from my current build.xml: Setting fork to true will also limit any memory leaks in javac implementation to its own child Also, I copy-and-paste here both the aspects. GC overhead limit exceeded Memory is allocated via Eclipse' configuration file which is executed during Eclipse' startup. my review here Follow him on Twitter, or befriend him on Facebook or Google Plus.

I would report it to the VM vendor. Javac Heap Size About I work for Salesforce.com. Comment 77 Tesso Costa 2014-02-21 14:41:35 EST (In reply to Sergey Prigogin from comment #76) > (In reply to Tesso Costa from comment #75) > Is it with CDT 8.3?

Please, if you can, attach the textual stack traces rather than screenshots as they are easier to work with.

Or the more crude measures are opening task manager and observing memory used by the eclipse.exe process, or probably something like 'top' on mac/linux. comments powered by Disqus Back to top Oseems Solutions osApps Toggle navigation AndroidJava Core Java I/OJava XMLJava JSONJava RegExJDBCSpring Spring CoreSpring MVCSpring SecuritySpring Data MongoDBSpring BatchFrameworks JSF 2.0Hibernate ORMApache WicketStruts 1Struts You can set the options for it in the external tool run configuration. Ant Heap Size Got it.

We've seen this for quite a while. Here is the new aspect and the stack trace. any another suggestion please let me know....i will do the change accordingly also thanks for your response...waiting for your suggestion. get redirected here As I was running on Linux, ajc.bat wouldn't work.

Comment 2 Dharma 2009-05-30 19:44:21 EDT Created attachment 137761 [details] Out of memory error - please see the attachment Comment 3 Andrew Clement 2009-06-04 14:23:38 EDT Did you see my previous it just seems odd that we only have one user having problems with memory on compilation right now. In eclipse 3.8 everything is working fine, so I'll keep using it until this can be resolved. Here is the link to the zip file: http://www.eclipse.org/downloads/download.php?file=/tools/ajdt/34/dev/update/ajdt_2.0.0.e34x-20090622-2000_archive.zip And here are the instructions for manual install: http://wiki.eclipse.org/JDT_weaving_features#Manual_Install Comment 48 Dharma 2009-06-24 22:10:14 EDT Created attachment 140051 [details] Aspect tracing SQL

Status: RESOLVED DUPLICATE of bug 92250 Product: Platform Classification: Eclipse Component: IDE Version: 3.3.1 Hardware: PC Linux Importance: P3 major (vote) TargetMilestone: --- Assigned To: Platform-UI-Inbox QA Contact: URL: Whiteboard: Keywords: go to configuration that u use, under jre tab -select option Run in same JRE in workspace this worked 4 me share|improve this answer edited Apr 7 '11 at 10:16 answered I think this is related to running on 64bit because the same set of projects worked fine with Eclipse 3.3.2 under 32bit.

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