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Internal Compiler Error. Unexpected Runtime Function Call

Bug found by: Joachim Strömbergson This means that the function is not seen by the linker and cannot be called from user code. real(OUT) :: gameav(numCells), !! end of secant iteration ! navigate to this website

Check your input. Workaround: Remove the unary plus. This doesn't make us happy to say the least… 6 months ago Reply Michael And another problem: https://connect.microsoft.com/VisualStudio/feedback/details/805981/msvc-2013-c99-designated-initializers-cannot-initialize-unions-within-structs is marked as fixed. If you define a function macro, then refer to the name of thatmacro without providing arguments (e.g. http://stackoverflow.com/questions/4402232/how-to-allocate-a-shared-memory-array-in-cuda-fortran

Bug found by: Greg King Library Date: 2005-07-05 Problem: The subroutine that does divisions for longs overwrites the high byte of the divisor instead of the high byte of the result.

Workaround: None Fix: Download and apply the patch, then recompile the compiler. Use a two shock approximation, and !! Bug found by: Keith Howell Compiler Date: 2005-06-08 Problem: Compiling an empty source file leads to an internal compiler error: cc65: Check failed: LI != 0, file `lineinfo.c', line 125 Workaround: The following vaguely related gives a segfault: type t integer :: i end type t type(t), parameter :: a(1) = t(4) real(a(1)%i) :: b end ==27247== Invalid read of size 8

Bug found by: Stefan A. Marcano 1905742 error C2589: ::": illegal token on right side of "::"" on function template with default argument parameter Gerald Lodron 1931996 AVX Optimization results in wrong/different result GHonsa 2422720 64 This is very painful for a lot of us. Set array element equal to index shared_array(index) = index end subroutine mykernel end module my_kernels And here's how I call my kernel: program cuda use my_kernels implicit none !

DPD200359198 C++ [L10N-15.0] Some messages shown in the Compiler Optimization Report are not translated. Fix: Download the replacement modules for drawline and drawpoint, assemble them and link them to your application, or replace the modules in the library by the new ones. Fix: Download and apply the patch, then recompile the library. Fix: Download and apply the patch, then recompile the compiler.

Fix: Download the patch and apply it to the ca65html perl script. https://blogs.msdn.microsoft.com/vcblog/2016/03/31/visual-c-2015-update-2-bug-fixes/ de> Linker Date: 2005-01-14 Problem: The linker does not update the size of an internal buffer used to store relocation entries when generating o65 output files. se> Assembler Date: 2004-03-20 Problem: The assembler doesn't check for end of line after a conditional assembly command (.IF/.ELSE/...), and will accept invalid input without an error message. DPD200364786 Fortran [IL0] Replace Subscripts with Vars corrupts stack with 0xCCCCCCCC for trapping uninitialized variables.

Map threadID to index index = blockDim%x * (blockIdx%x-1) + threadIdx%x ! useful reference is U_L. it happens in an IF statement or FOR loop. When I try to compile test.cuf with pgf90, I get this error: PGF90-S-0000-Internal compiler error.

  1. kernel subprogram attributes(global) subroutine test1 (n) integer :: it, ib integer, value :: n !!
  2. Compiler Date: 2004-05-23 Problem: The compiler doesn't accept an array as left hand side for the -> operator.
  3. on "rvalues").This occurs regardless of what the contents of the type are.
  4. The assembler behaves as if the command had worked, which is not the case.
  5. Example: struct foo { unsigned char a, b; } bar[2]; ...
  6. l_1 = u - cs eigenvalue !!
  7. Radim Svoboda 2285385 Incorrect compilation C source to assembler - casting, security cookie Rehcse 2391416 In-class member initialization causing breakpoints to hit in CPP Riku 2131617 Visual C++ x64 compiler produces
  8. unexpected runtime function call 0(yyy.CUF: 64)  以下に、PGI 10.x の全てのバージョンでエラーとなる、モジュール内に「デバイス変数」を定義した場合の例を示します。これは、この独立したモジュールを別のデバイス・サブプログラム内で USE 文の指定を行い、使用する形態となっています。 【エラーとなるプログラム例】 test0.cuf ! モジュール data の中で int_d と言う動的割付型デバイス配列を宣言 module data !

de> Compiler Date: 2004-06-10 Problem: Compiled binaries do not work on 64 bit systems that use the LP64 model. Fix: Download and apply the patch, then recompile the library. kernel subprogram attributes(global) subroutine test1 (intdat,n) implicit none integer :: it, ib integer, value :: n integer, device :: intdat(n) it = threadidx%x ib = (blockidx%x-1) * 16 intdat(it+ib) = it http://renderq.net/internal-compiler/internal-compiler-error-in-function-fatal-insn.php Assembler Date: 2005-05-29 Problem: The assembler doesn't allow empty or comment lines within a .struct or .union declaration.

unsupported procedure 869 (rieman.F90: 629) PGF90-S-0000-Internal compiler error. When invoking Rename, focus should be set on New Name GTD cancelled operation still waits for lock held on the background/UI unresponsive "Ignore Specific Default Libraries" have translation error under Russian Unknown size for std::array with variadic sizeof size ICE cl!InvokeCompilerPass()+0xd6d17 array indices get reversed with /O2 Cannot create C++ project, the wizard window "New Project" loops on itself ICE during build

a method).<=12.5Fixed in 12.10PGILink-time error when using a structure constructor for a derived type with a method.<=12.10Fixed in 13.3PGIScope of type-bound procedures is not handled correctly, causing clashes between method names

Bug found by: Christian Groessler Assembler Date: 2005-04-02 Problem: The assembler does not allow a unary plus in expressions. using unit tests).Reproducer for the bug.13.0.1 - 14.0.2Fixed in version 15.Not present in Intel 12IntelOptimization issue causes the compiler to produce wrong code for certain loops.Workaround: Compile with reduced optimization (no

de> Compiler Date: 2008-12-28 Problem: When casting expressions that contains symbols down to smaller sizes (chars), the higher bits won't get cleared. Because with this update my debugging is super slow. 6 months ago Reply Alex Moravcik Support for variable templates in Update 2 is a disappointment. Fix: Download and apply the patch, then recompile the utility. get redirected here Some of the issues listed may impact multiple architectures, operating systems, and/or languages.

If you have any questions about the issues discussed in this report, please post on the user forums, http://software.intel.com/en-us/forums or submit an issue to Intel® Premier Support, https://premier.intel.com. Canens 2118677 std::is_constructible does not work with explicit conversion operator to class type Tasiro 912507 Generic lambda cannot access namespace Tautvydas Žilys 2394211 Visual C++ compiler optimizer optimizes out a loop I tried passing the arrays after allocating them and filling them with zeros but still have no luck. unsupported procedure 869 (rieman.F90: 629) PGF90-S-0000-Internal compiler error.

Comment 10 Jerry DeLisle 2010-01-23 14:03:29 UTC As Paul would say, I am flummoxed. l_3 = u + cs eigenvalue !! !! A5_P psfd('A6 ',(/ 105.1, 148.7/),(/ 18., 11., 70., 50./)), & ! Fix: Download and apply the patch, then rebuild the compiler.

Fix: This error won't be fixed because it's a problem with the Watcom runtime, not with the cc65 tools itself. Not the answer you're looking for? Bug found by: Keith Gerdes

Fry: Fryxell et al. 2000, ApJS, 131, 273. !! !! print *, 'cL = ', hy_clft(i), ' cR =', hy_crght(i) ! Workaround is to use anunqualified import statement.4.6 - 4.7 only.Fixed in 4.8IBMPolymorphic pointers may lose information about their subclass in certain situations, preventing this information frombeing discoverable through "select type" (i.e. Workaround: Use __XXX_START__+__XXX_LAST__ instead, eventually with an additional check of .VERSION.

I hope, this helps for fixing the bug. BOFHRAF 2234621 C++/CLI Compiler Crash - operator true/false bogdan i 1995929 VC 14 Update 1 RC - Incorrect access control in declarations (template parameters and arguments, bases) bogdan i 1989695 VC The fixes list for Intel® Composer XE 2013 SP1 Compilers can be found here.  The fixes list for Intel® MKL Library 11.2 can be found here.

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