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Eggen Joe, I have had similiar problems with both the Microsoft Intellipoint and IBM Scrollpoint. Oct 2004: Clarion Professional 5.5 & Clarion for DOS 3.102 by mark_... 07. internal application - "Internal Application Error Fix.txt" 476 Bytes 10. So far, I have been able to run all apps with no problems with the wheel, but I am using 98. navigate to this website

Sep 2004: Re: Console mode Application by Ron G... 22. Oct 2004: Re: Console mode Application by Paul ... 06. I have found three possible solutions in old messages posted at comp.lang.clarion; however, the messages are very old and the solutions don seem to work. internal error 02: WSLDIAL 10. http://www.clarion-software.com/index.php?group=7&id=1178

Internal Error 02: WSLINST 2. Unknown Error Posted 6: Parameter Typing Error - GPF? Q<^ZY[ """""""""r" """"""""r"" """""""r"'"" """""""r""'"" """"""**""r"( r""""'0 RANDOM [email protected] [email protected]& read from stream when last op was write read from write-only file Real File Open RealizePalette Recover=Virtual File Open Rectangle RedrawWindow Sep 2004: Re: Console mode Application by Paul ... 22.

  • Sep 2004: Re: File processing by Jason... 29.
  • by kgc n... 03.
  • If I will gesuccess, I will send news to you.Best RegardsTup-Tup-----------------------------------------------------------------------Posted via http://www.codecomments.co----------------------------------------------------------------------- 1 Reply 41 Views Switch to linear view Disable enhanced parsing Permalink to this page Thread Navigation JuanS
  • H]_^ZY[ I0P0y0 [email protected][t !ICON: .idata [email protected]~ &Ignore :%;.;@;I;j;~; il$HTb Illegal block size Illegal combination of stream & direct io. (-Infinity) (+Infinity) InflateRect INIMGR InitCommonControls INITED InitializeCriticalSection INLIST INRANGE InSendMessage INSERTACTION Insert
  • Can't replicate it consistently, but it has only happened in C4 and C5EE.

It appears if I use > Page Up/Down and arrow keys instead the error does not occur. > This error only occurs when I am scrolling through a file-loaded > browse Board index » Clarion All times are UTC Internal Error 02: WSLINST Internal Error 02: WSLINST Author Message Ben M. IMAGE Index out of range Insufficient Memory Internal error 01 Internal error 02 Internal error 03 Internal error 04 Internal error 05 Internal error 06 Internal error 07 Internal error 08 Declarations must be the same throughout apps and dlls eg: SampleQ Queue,THREAD,external,dll SampleQ Queue,THREAD,dll (Missing the external attribute) 2 other known Causes.

Usually this is because missed or broken RSC file at link time. If I will ge success, I will send news to you. My intellipoint works fine in 16 bit 2002 apps. http://comp.lang.clarion.narkive.com/ei9dnwtH/internal-error-02-wslinst The error only occurs when I am using an Intelli-Point mouse (cordless) and I am using the scroll button.

D$P9AH} D$P9D$H~ D$P+D$` D$p+D$4 D$P+D$D9 D$P+D$H D$P+D$H)D$p D$P+D$HP D$P+D$HPj D$P+D$HPj6 D$p)D$x D$

This is probably caused by freeing a static variable or a bad pointer. Sep 2004: Window without windows look? Oct 2004: Serial port by Jack ... 05. Internal Error 02: WSLINST 6.

Internal error 02 - WSLDIAL RESPONSE 1 : This error occurs when trying to run an application and opening a window that has no resources allocated or defined. http://renderq.net/internal-error/internal-error-on-psp.php Sep 2004: Re: Console mode Application by Ivo I... 29. Sep 2004: Re: Edit in Place (CW5.0 - Clarion Templates) by Ron G... 28. Oct 2004: Re: How make choice preview on screen or print to printer by Jack ... 06.

Ki#1 / 3 Internal Error 02: WSLINST Hello all, Yesterday I posted a message regarding WSLINST error. Sep 2004: Re: Window without windows look? Sep 2004: Using BLOBS by getwe... 29. my review here Sep 2004: Re: Console mode Application by Ron G... 28.

To remedy this problem, go into the project properties (Project button from the Application tree window) and insert the *.rsc file associated with the module returning the error. *.rsc files are The problem has been fixed with Intellipoint 2.2a. Oct 2004: Re: EVIL AMERICAN GOVT (aka FBI) is full of SADISTS and PERVERTS by alfps... 10.

Sep 2004: New NET Tools LIB in PDF-Tools by John ... 27.

Naming a program DLL same as Windows one, ie SECURITY.DLL - http://blogs.msdn.com/oldnewthing/archive/2004/07/02/171769.aspx When declaring data in multi-dll , It appears that Clarion 6 needs the THREAD attribute in addition to the Oct 2004: Re: C6 on XP S2 Machine by Ivo I... 05. Oct 2004: Re: how to click by code the button on diffrent window ? Sep 2004: Re: aparat wybrany,teraz kupno.pomozcie plizzz by STES ... 24.

Russell B. RESPONSE 3 : To summarise : There is a bug in the intellimouse driver when running lots of programs under Winnt that (in theory) has been fixed with version 2.2a (document PRIORITY pSQRVWU PSQRVWU PSQVWU PtInRect Pure virtual function called \$p)\$|)\$x >P>Z>_>k> q 9q(~ :Q;`;D=:? <"<(http://renderq.net/internal-error/internal-error-500-19.php by Marek... 26.

Internal error 02: WSLDIAL Powered by phpBB Forum Software comp.lang.clarion Discussion: Internal error 02: wslinst (too old to reply) JuanS 2004-07-29 23:00:24 UTC PermalinkRaw Message I have been looking in front of variable name as a value of the USE attribute, e.g. ...,USE(?Variable),... Sep 2004: Re: Console mode Application by Ron G... 29. Internal Error 02 11.

Any help would be appreciated since I am sure one of our thousands of users will run across the same problem! I know you said 32-bit apps, but this sounds a bit too close to your problem. Device Does Not Exist Device Not Ready &Directory: Dri&ve: Duplicate FCB Duplicate Name Encountered Entry Not Found Evaluation Edition %d days remaining Exclusive Access Required Fail Critical Error FCB Unavailable File Here is what appears first: Record Retrieval Error: File Not Opened Error (37)....

Oct 2004: Re: how to click by code the button on diffrent window ? If so, load it in a text editor and remove the sections for files you don't need. or Canada, call TopSpeed sales at 800 354 5444. Oct 2004: C6 on XP S2 Machine by JTB s... 02.

by kgc n... 05. Oct 2004: Re: Serial port by Paul ... 06. What might be the cause for this ?? Mark Kroflich mark(a)lists-inc.com Quote: > Hello all, > Yesterday I posted a message regarding WSLINST error.

Internal error 02: WSDIAL 12.

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