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Internal Error 1210

Determine that the .EXE is not corrupted. You can get this error if you open an NDX file. Solution: Don't use longer than 8 characters for filename. () When running on a PC-AT 3270 microcomputer with PC DOS v3.30 & v3.20 ~ loaded, and the IBM 3270 PC Control Check with the author: Don Caton [71067,1350]. navigate to this website

CA-Clipper is much more efficient when strings and arrays are thrown away and rebuilt often rather than kept around unnecessarily for long durations.335 String/Array invalid pointerThis results from an error accessing Internal error 1210 ??? 7. According to Nantucket support personnel, "indexing on a field in another work area does not always work properly," and could cause this error. (#109860) Information presented by another user indicates that Determine if the screen may be accessed from the DOS prompt.705 Unable to determine disk drivetype upon startupAction: Make sure the latest CA-Clipper libraries are used, and that no third-party libraries http://www.davep.org/clipper/FAQ/clipper-5.html

An official listing of internal errors provided by Computer Associates may be found in files IE52NG.ZIP or IE52TX.ZIP, depending on whether you prefer a Norton Guide file format or a plain There are a few things you can check in your code to eliminate this error: Be sure that all indexes relating to a given .DBF file are open whenever key values It can also be produced using a LOCAL declaration. Then three copies of this error message (#993) were output.

  1. RUN command. (#108539) Memory problem.
  2. The TRIM() functions should all be padded out to a constant width using PADR().4) Use all three arguments to STR().5) Use DTOS() instead of DTOC() in index key expressions.
  3. The .EXE may be invalid.See Also: Error 999, Error 1011, "Linking" and "Debugger" chapters of the Programming and Utilities Guide.---- VM Integrity failureThis error indicates a misuse of the VM System
  4. The likely cause is corruption in the DOS memory allocation system.3 Memory ErrorA memory error has occurred after a RUN that prevents rebuilding of the buffer system.
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Determine that the .EXE is not corrupted.704 Screen display driver I/O error upon startupThe CRT detected was not compatible for I/O access.Action: Make sure the latest CA-Clipper libraries are used, and Look for missing RDD .LIBrary or .OBJ files. Check link script and order. There is a lot of info in the 5.3 NG relating to index corruptions.

This may mean the stack was corrupted, preventing the application from accessing the RDD's index expression. Erratic internal error 1210 in clipper 5.2e using DBFCDX 11. Join your peers on the Internet's largest technical computer professional community.It's easy to join and it's free. website here The CA-Clipper VM System will use the DGROUP Free Space when conventional DOS memory is very low.Action: Free up conventional DOS memory by reducing the application's load size and/or increasing free

I was unable to verify that this occurs consistently. However... This region also has a low water mark with the same behaviour. internal 1210 error ?? 10.

Which RDD to use ? - DBFCDX versus DBFNTX Codeblocks - by Tom Leylan - 30 June 1996 The CA-Clipper Memory System - by Jud Cole Can a Clipper 5.2x Application Believe it or not, there are still some clients using my mission-critical CA-Clipper applications for DOS installed in the late 80's and up to the mid 90's. Occurs when you compile a file and link with first object module name longer than 8 characters. Since then, CA-Clipper has evolved away from its x-base roots with the introduction of lexical scoping & pre-defined objects like TBrowse.

Other reported cases show it occurring on a COPY command and not in __DBARRANG(). http://renderq.net/internal-error/internal-error-78.php better than Basil Hosmer and Dante') ? :) (Mail) Pat Cassidy [76605,2365] provided me with these two wonderful hair raising bits of code. This occurs for several reasons, including:1) The target disk is full;2) The target directory is full;3) Insufficient file handles are available;4) An invalid path is specified in the SWAPPATH parameter of Take a look at at the Harbour ProjectYou are Visitor # ...According to counter.digits.com, you are visitor since 3 June 1996.If you like or dislike what you see on this website,

Look for a function that you are calling via a macro like: nVar := "UDF()" RetVal := &nVar ... There's a bug... Well, I have and compared to Delphi (my current Windows programming tool of choice), I'm still sticking to Delphi.Anyway, you should visit the Alaska Home Page. my review here Clipper...

If insufficient network rights is the problem, either give the user the necessary rights, or redirect the temporary file to a more appropriate directory.See Also: "The Runtime Environment" chapter of the SELECT( SEL_POST ) USE PRPOST INDEX PRPOST // Crash here with internal error # 1256 if // prpost is empty! ** This Fixes if substituted for above line USE PRPOST IF In some cases, due to lack of source code or other factors I've made no attempt to verify the error as reported.

The CA-Clipper runtime issues calls to the _vmTwo() function when it must obtain two de-referenced virtual memory handles concurrently.

There are indications that the message is sporadic and hard to duplicate. (#119988) IE #521 occurred in a replace to a memo field. (Note that this ~ thread refers to the Items that are displayed in this color in error descriptions are quotes or paraphrases from Nantucket personnel. Probably the most common cause of this error is the declaration of extremely large arrays (e.g., local aArray[500][300]). I have traced the error to the -funroll-loops flag; if I use that, then it bombs out on me.

DTOC() is dependent upon the SET DATE FORMAT.Note: This error is applicable to the third party replaceable database drivers (RDDs), and may not be applicable to CA-Clipper RDDs. It's okay if these expressions are not exactly the same, but they must evaluate to the same result. 5.5 What is "Internal Error 5333" and what can I do about it? This error usually indicates an extremely low memory condition at startup, or that an application that was RUN from within CA-Clipper allocated DOS memory without freeing it.Action: If the error occurred get redirected here Shuster on 17 July 1993.) Internal Error 5333 occurs when the virtual memory management subsystem gets overloaded and cannot find enough memory to continue execution.

setcolor() ; ? ++line //8 m = "w/n,w/n" ; ? ++line //9 setcolor(m) ; ? ++line //10 set color to &m ; ? ++line //11 - ok so far(prints 11) ? The problem is related to trying to represent an infinite number of decimal numbers into a fixed number (and a small fixed number at that) of binary bits. Sign up for the SourceForge newsletter: I agree to receive quotes, newsletters and other information from sourceforge.net and its partners regarding IT services and products. Who should you call ?

This list was compiled based on the messages posted on Compu-Serve's Nanforum between November 1, 1990 and the date that appears on this file. Register now while it's still free! HMGS-IDE 1.0.5 Released on 10/10/10 CCH: From the HMG Extended Forum Hi All, The updated HMGS-IDE 1.0.5 binary and sources are published at the following URL: http://www.... French for the inspiration, and the anomaly reports.

Clipper programming issues 5.1 I keep getting financial arithmetic results that don't add up exactly. Probably the most common cause of this error is the declaration of extremely large arrays (e.g., local aArray[500][300]). What is your favourite 32-bit Clipper-compatible Compiler ?

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