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If the view object consists of multiple entity object bases and if the secondary entity object bases are reference-only, the entity rows may be null if the FK linking the primary JBO-27021: AttributeLoadException Cause: An unexpected exception occurred during fetching values from a JDBC-resultset into an attribute for a row object. DA-10700 You must provide DL members for this operation. JBO-26102: AfterRollbackException Cause: An exception occurred in afterRollback notification phase of the transaction. my review here

Here I want you to press Ctrl+A and hit DELETE. Cause: Unable to add the CA certificates into the SSL context. JBO-29000: JboException Cause: If an unexpected exception occurs during a framework operation, this exception is thrown, with the unexpected exception included in the details of this exception. Correct any problems that you discover.

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Action: Abort command. Cause: User tried to refresh all processes while there were none running. OMD-12049, 0, omtpdlv: error occurred while clearing out om_ids. DA-10705 You must install a node before subscribing.

Action: Abort command. See FAQ 8850040 15029 Unable to open the Configuration Database because a 32-bit MS Access version was detected on this 64-bit OS. Cause: User tried to deregister instance 0 of a process, which represents the default process settings. OMD-12033, 0, POSTMAN: failed to set cache size for cursor management Cause: Out of memory.

Specified an Y axis for auto scaling but have not supplied any plots. 2. If it is under 50MB, change it, restart your database, and try your connection again. DA-10731 You cannot deregister default parameter values. https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms508961(v=office.12).aspx It is either in a format not supported or the string is representing an corrupt image.25086You only seem to have GD 1.x installed.

Notification error codesNotification error codeDescriptionNotificationReminderUnknown = 16050Unknown reminder notification.NotificationReminderParentNotSubscribed = 16051There is no subscription to the parent of the reminder notification.NotificationReminderParentNotFound = 16052Parent of the reminder notification is not found.NotificationReminderChildStillSubscribed = Either manually register this DLL on this machine, or reinstall the product 27006 ActiveX component [AxPop3.dll] not registered on this computer. It may have unexpected data or the XML data may be corrupt. Cause: An error occurred while retrieving process timing information.

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Either the width (=%d) or height (=%d) is larger than MAX_GANTTIMG_SIZE. http://www.lakshmikanth.com/important-icon-alarms/ An attribute index in the Java class for this entity has a mismatch with the index in the definition, or an attribute index is missing in the Java class. Activexperts Sms Then go through the Devices and Printers, Programs and Features and Device Manager folders and insure that all copies, files, and programs related to the printer are removed. Action: Abort command.

JBO-26018: InvalidOperException Cause: An attempt was made to post a row with no attribute set. this page Error# %d\n Cause: Oracle database errors. Action: Refer to the SSL Plus documentation for information about how to handle this error. 19036 Fail to add a class4 root self-signed certificate. If this event appears, this limit has been reached and ICON can no longer backlog records to memory.

  1. Action: Make sure that your row handle is not stale.
  2. User Response: Correct the command and then re-execute it.   Feedback Was this page helpful to you?
  3. JBO-28035: PCollException Cause: The client attempted to retrieve a row by an id, but the id value is invalid.
  4. Also, check to make sure that the named attribute does exist in the entity object.
  5. DA-10695 You specified an incomplete command.

OMD-11605, 0, omtpdlv: failed to get a local lock on path %ld Action: Check the previous error message in your log file for more information. Action: Contact Business Components for Java Technical Support with how you ran into the problem. Connect to the server with 'accept host key' enabled to accept and store the host key. 22496 Host key changed. get redirected here Specified: %s File: %s25039Can't read background image: "%s"25040It is not possible to specify both a background image and a background country flag.25041In order to use Country flags as backgrounds you must

DA-10628 Could not shut down the Guardian process. Action: No action needed. This new row will share references to the underlying entity objects.

Table does not exist - table must be created before import. -25602: Error restoring table .

Action: The passivation target store (Database, File or Memory) may have reported an exception. JBO-26030: AlreadyLockedException Cause: This row has already been locked by another user or transaction. Action: Check permissions for the temporary directory. 24303, 0, Error opening file %s.\n Cause: Failed to open a file. Additional information is provided in the event log 31758 Internet Connection Sharing is already enabled on the connection 31759 An error occurred while the existing Internet Connection Sharing settings were being

DA-10603 You supplied an invalid attribute name: @1 Cause: An incorrect attribute was specified on the command line. Task error codesTask error codeDescriptionTaskIDInvalid = 7001Invalid task GUID.TaskNameTooLong = 7003Task name too long.TaskTypeInvalid = 7005Invalid task type.TaskPriorityInvalid = 7006Invalid task priority.TaskConstraintTypeInvalid = 7007Invalid task constraint type.TaskNameInvalid = 7008Invalid task name.TaskConstraintTypeRequiresConstraint See L -25350: Conversion from UNICODE data to ASCII data is not suppor -25351: No long file info given for LONG column '' -25352: Errors analyzing long file information. http://renderq.net/internal-error/internal-error-78.php Action: Refer to error stack for Oracle database errors. 25031, Could not retrieve folder id.

This includes creating a new row for this view object, removing a Row or modifying attributes of a ViewRow for this view object. Action: Check the next error message in your log file for more information. Fix any conversion errors or domain exceptions that are in the details of this exception. Action: The passivation target store (Database, File or Memory) may have reported an exception.

Action: The SSL protocol side must be either SSL_ServerSide or SSL_ClientSide. 19004 Fail to set request client certificate to %d. Action: Contact Oracle Support Services. 19041 Fail to read %d bytes from socket. Action: Fix the failing entity values and revalidate the view object. Action: Check the Oracle error messages that follow this message. 23014 Invalid class id specified Cause: An incorrect class ID was used.

Action: Use oerr to check the Oracle error message. A possible cause for this is that the DTD file is missing (oracle.jbo.dtd.jbo*.dtd). Contact Oracle Support Services. Action: Fix the underlying SQLException.

Action: Make sure that the name specified for jbo.pcoll.mgr is for a valid class name. Action: Check gateway configuration and unx.cfg file. 24006, 0, Error logging on: mhlon temporary error %d\n Cause: Gateway log on failed. Action: Refer to error stack for Oracle database errors. 25007, Get new mail failed. In the second case, make sure that no other user locks the control rows outside the Business Components framework.

For example, if application module definition appMod1 contains a child application module of appMod2, and appMod2 contains appMod1,this error will be raised. Action: Refer to error stack for Oracle database errors. 25027, Failed to delete %d message(s) from src fldr (fid = %d). Error# %d\n Cause: Oracle database errors.

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